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Cape Town is South Africa’s Greenest City

Cape Town is South Africa’s greenest city considering achievements such as the city’s high score in Siemens’ African Green City Index and attaining the title of the Global Earth Hour Capital of 2014. The report by Siemens identified 15 African cities that have shown commitment towards improving their carbon footprints and promoting environmental conservation.  The […]

R300 Million Wind Turbine Factory Planned in Cape Town

Spanish Corporation GRI Renewable Industries announced that R300 million will be spent on creating a wind turbine production facility in Atlantis, Cape Town. South Africa has been experiencing problems with Eskom’s electricity supply in 2014, but as a result alternative methods of electricity generation and supply have emerged and are being implemented around the Cape.  […]

Durban is one of the New7Wonders Cities of 2014

Durban has been named a New7Wonders City for 2014.  Millions of people flock to the city annually for its golden beaches along the Indian Ocean, warm sub-tropical weather and friendly atmosphere. The New7Wonders Cities forum selects cities for the list by evaluating elements such as architecture, metropolitan governance, urban planning and tourism.  Durban made the […]

Johannesburg named a Top Inspiring City

Johannesburg is ranked second, after Hong Kong, on the list of the top 50 most inspiring cities of the world in Good City’s Index for 2014. A decade ago Johannesburg’s inner city looked as if it was on the brink of total decay with many buildings standing derelict and others illegally occupied by squatters.  Many […]