Cape Town Gains 6 Percent More Tourists

Cape Town maintains its spot as the number one tourist destination in South Africa, with its V&A Waterfront gaining a 6 percent year on year growth in tourists.

V and A Waterfront, Cape Town

Part of this rise is attributed to international visitors who make up a sizeable sum. 26 percent of foreign visitors to Cape Town come from Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom, a figure congruent to the 10 percent increase in international arrivals at Cape Town International Airport.

Awards handed to local hospitality operations add to the attractiveness of the region, like the recent World Travel Award handed to The PepperClub Hotel and Spa, naming it the leading hotel in Africa.

The majority of tourists that visit the location however, are local.

Rob Kucera, chairman of The Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa, attributes the success of Cape Town tourism to the mass of family bookings that occur in the holiday season as a result of the region being a great family destination with activities.

South Africa as a whole continues to rise up in the ranks as a prime tourist destination in Africa. Bloom Consulting recently listed South Africa as a top African country to visit based on the economic performance of the tourism sector, the country’s online brand presence, and the volume of its internet search queries.

For South African citizens, the booming tourism industry will increase money-creation opportunities hence yielding larger economic rewards for themselves and their regions as a whole.

Tourism is expected to continue to grow in Cape Town as more people flock in during the holiday period to experience the attractive area nestled on the foot of the picturesque Table Mountain, hugged by the sea.

While countries like the United States and Spain hold the top spots globally on Bloomberg Research’s index of the top global countries to visit, South Africa is the only African country to make the top 25 and could continue to rise in the ranks in the years to come.

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