R2.4 Million of Free Training Offered to Entrepreneurs

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A new R2.4 million initiative of the Seed Academy in South Africa just launched and is offering entrepreneurs training which is aimed at early stage tech entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs.

The training initiative is focused on increasing the participation of women in business in a country where they only make up 20% of active participants across industries.  “We provide practical training by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, targeting their specific needs to help them realise their idea and grow their business,” said Lara Rosmarin, the CEO of Seed Academy.  “The material is neither theoretical nor academic and the training is carried out by entrepreneurs who have built their own businesses.”  Course content is created around the entrepreneur’s specific needs.  According to Rosmarin, the purpose of training is to “nurture and develop attitudes and behaviours of potential high-growth entrepreneurs and provide them with access to their next growth checkpoints.”

South African start-ups are increasingly gaining international recognition as a result of innovative projects such as Snap-Scan, a local App which ranked among the 12 best African tech start-ups according to the Business Insider last year.  Snap-Scan enables payments to over 5,000 retailers across South Africa by simply scanning a snap-code on a bill or at a checkout counter.  “The programme helped my business dramatically. Six months after completion, Seed Academy arranged for me to pitch to Microsoft Biz-Spark which I got into. Microsoft has introduced me to critical contacts and we are selling more thanks to Seed Academy,” said Jermain Kallideen, the CEO of Kallideen Technologies who also attended the Seed Academy and urges all entrepreneurs in the early stages of their businesses to do so.  Another former attendee of the academy Nonqaba Stamper, the founder of FundBabies, a company which offers investment advice to young adults, also completed the training and recommends it to other entrepreneurs.  Nonqaba said: “I met other entrepreneurs facing many of the same challenges that I faced.  We were also guided by other entrepreneurs. The course highlighted many aspects that new entrepreneurs don’t know about.”

The Seed Academy is aiding to further develop South Africa by educating entrepreneurs who will in turn employ and educate others.  South Africa is a land of opportunity and a leader in African commerce, however there is still much potential to be tapped into in the land of opportunity.

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