South Africa Public Holidays 2015

South Africa has 13 public holidays a year. This is a time when many vacationers visit the sea-facing cities of Durban and Cape Town, a calm difference from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic traffic in a city such as Johannesburg.

The Tranquil Port Elizabeth area also has its fair share of visitors

Ironically though, traffic to these destinations increase. If you are are a foreign visitor, it would be wise to avoid visiting the mother city and Durban during these periods. If you happen to be in the areas however, expect a fanciful array of decor, festivals and parades.

It’s important to note, South Africa, just like every other country in the commercial world will have the Christmas and Easter Holiday bells and whistles together with street salesmen offering you their goods at cheaper prices.


South African Public Holidays 2015

01-Jan Thursday New Year’s Day Public Holiday
21-Mar Saturday Human Rights Day Public Holiday
03-Apr Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
06-Apr Monday Family Day Public Holiday
27-Apr Monday Freedom Day Public Holiday
01-May Friday Workers’ Day Public Holiday
16-Jun Tuesday Youth Day Public Holiday
09-Aug Sunday National Women’s Day Public Holiday
10-Aug Monday National Women’s Day Public Holiday
24-Sep Thursday Heritage Day Public Holiday
16-Dec Wednesday Day of Reconciliation Public Holiday
25-Dec Friday Christmas Day Public Holiday
26-Dec Saturday Day of Goodwill Public Holiday

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